3 Essential Website Content Tips
Learn about the most important 3 website content tips. Find out how to create quality website content.

3 Essential Website Content Tips

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Most website creators are only concerned with the two essential components of a website – the URL/Hosting and the graphics/design.  There is no denying that these are important, as when people find you, you want them to stay and things like page loading times and aesthetics are important, but the third thing is content… regular and interesting content and should be an important investment and part of your website plans.

When it comes to branding, there is nothing quite like written content to fulfill this purpose.  It is no easy task and sometimes it feels overwhelming, but here are some reasons you should consider creating (or have created) excellent content for your website.

Attract The Search Engines

Even if you have the most beautiful website in the world, it won’t convince Google that you are better than the competition, unless you have carefully thought out written content.  When search engines crawl your website page, they scan the text, analysing it for links, relevancy and quality.

Search engines look for information based on what people search for – search terms and these keywords are the basis for your content (although you can’t have too few or too many).  

So creating a website with a lot of high quality relevant information means that your website should rank in the search engines and as a result will drive traffic to your website.

Write For Humans Too

Don’t worry about all that SEO jargon and lingo, what matters most is that your posts are relevant and written in a way that your guests, client, or prospects find useful, helpful, or even entertaining at times.

Insert images to divide large chunks of text and try to answer as many questions that your visitors might have in your content.

Ultimately, you must remember that the real target of your website is a real person and not a search engine bot.  So if you provide information that is helpful and conducive to your website, your visitors will stop at your website and look no further.

Overdoing the keywords and keyword stuffing reads like swimming through a tar road = hard going!

So be a human that writes for humans!

Blog it!

Having a blog as part of your website means that you can touch on broader subjects and go into detail on lots of things you mention on other pages on your website.

It offers a means of creating regular content for your website and an opportunity to attract new visitors and new incoming links, if your visitors decide to share it on social media, which in turn will get more traffic and audience you might not have access to otherwise.

Remember content doesn’t have to be just words, it can be video (a vlog), audio (podcast), fascinating infographic, a written post, or any combination of the above, as people like to consume information in different ways.

If you’d like help with your website design or content, please do contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

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