Push notifications are great a way to thousands of click to your offers and website. You can have click for just 0.03 cents. That means with only $20 you can get over 1000 clicks. It’s just amazing! Push notifications is a must among your traffic sources.

Instagram story works well with CPA. But it also converts great with other type of marketing. That includes high ticket products, webinars and some sort of funnels. As as opposed to push notifications, instagrams story ads has rules you have to follow

You cannot use direct to your offers. You need to set up a landing page with a custom you own between your ads and your offer.

You need add some links to your landing page to you privacy policy and terms pages. Also, your landing page has to really represent your offer – No misleading marketing.

This is one of the most converting and underground traffic source. But a word of advice: Snapchat don’t like affiliate marketing. But if you do it right, you can get a long away with it. Just remember to follow the rules when your create your ads. 

Some recommendations are:

You cannot have texts on images that say something like “swap” or any other text that signal the visitors to leave their emails. 

You must create your own logo and insert in your ad.

Note: The idea is to bring much attention to your account. If you follow these recommendations, you can maintain your account for a long time.

If you have ecommerce store, you won’t have problems with Snapchat ads. In conclusion, this is advertising platform that aims for branding. That’s why it works perfectly for online stores. However, if you do affiliate without promoting blatantly, you can set up your ads with no problems.

If you use these traffic sources you’re going to get tons of clicks at a very cheap price. This means that you can send loads converting traffic to your offers and websites.

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